Snacks & Lunch

Please Remember: Everyone must bring their own food & drinks.

The building that houses Murfreesboro Homeschoolers Cooperative currently offers a common room with many tables available for lunch and snacks in between class. Food should only be consumed in the common area and outside the building. Please do not eat in the the classrooms or sanctuary of the building.

MHS is a nut free organization. Participants may bring drinks, snacks, and lunch to coop, and co-op organized field trips and activities, with the exception of items containing peanuts and tree nuts.

This decision to be nut free is a result of many factors:

Food allergies among children have increased in the last 20 years by 50%**

Currently MHS has members with serious nut allergies and the likelihood of future members with this condition is great.

MHS students share classrooms, lunch and break rooms, and play areas. Nuts and nut butters are oily and sticky and studies have shown that the residue from these foods is easily passed along surfaces and objects.*** For this reason simply making one area or classroom nut free is insufficient.

MHS does not employ an on-sight medical professional.

A large number of other local child serving organizations, including many other homeschooling cooperatives and tutorials are nut free.

MHS operates on a principle of inclusion. As a community we feel it is important not only to provide the safest possible environment but also one that allows our members with food allergies to interact and make connections, not feel excluded or isolated.

Please also consider the larger food allergy community, those allergic to other foods, by following these practices:

BE INFORMED. Tell your kids that food allergies are real and serious.

DON’T SHARE FOOD. Always check with a parent before offering food.

RESPECT FOOD ALLERGY RULES. Consume food only in the break area.

WASH YOUR HANDS. Food allergens can be passed many surfaces.

CLEAN YOUR SPACE. Please throw away trash, wipe spills, and clean up food.

DON’T JOKE OR TEASE. Please refer to the Code of Conduct.

For more information please visit a list of peanut and tree nut safe snacks, please visit appreciate your consideration concerning food at MHS. Please email us if you have any questions.

** Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, *** US National Library of Medicine